Givi GVS linear encoders were specially developed for press brake applications.

The reader head is self -aligned using an integral spring loaded carriage, which is then attached to the machine with a simple ball ended linkage system, simplifying installation and protecting the devices in the event of the press beam tilting.

Reference Indexes are adjustable throughout the entire measuring length of the scale, making the units fully interchangeable between both ends of the press, and adjustable safety limits protect the cylinders from over travel situations.


▪ Resolution up to 0.1 μm.
▪ Accuracy grade ± 2.5 μm in the standard version and ± 1 μm in the high-accuracy version.
▪ Metrological certificate provided with each scale.
▪ Reference indexes at coded distance or selectable every 10 mm along the entire measuring length.
▪ Sealing lips for the protection of the grating, made of special elastomer resistant to oil and wearing.
▪ High accuracy and stability of signals even in case of high speed, strong accelerations and vibrations.
▪ Moulded M12 connector (IP 67) or other models on request.
▪ Protected against inversion of power supply polarity and short circuits on output ports.