If a simple control is all you need Control Works offers a simple beam and back gage positioner control – 2 axis capacity.     Our control offers bend sequence control as well the ability to save sequence setups in memory.  Offered in both 5.7” touch and 10” touch displays each with a teach function that allows the end user to teach in the beam zero point. 

The servo motors feature an absolute multi-turn encoder which makes it virtually impossible to lose the back gage calibration once it is setup.  A single encoder mounted on the side of the machine replaces the standard limit switch setup for beam switch point settings.  This system takes advantage of the existing back gage mechanics to make it an attractive retrofit option.

This system was designed with simplicity and productivity in mind.


Figure 6- ez form 1

EZ Form Control System

Figure 7- ez form 2

EZ Form Installed On A Cincinnati Press Brake

Figure 8- ez form 3

Original Back Gage With New Servo Motor