Retrofitting an old machine with a new electrical panel will improve reliability and, in the case of this LVD machine simplify future maintenance. All the panels that we design, build and install are backed up with a full set of electrical schematics and a bill of materials so that any future parts can be sourced quickly and easily. Many of our control panels incorporate remote access capabilities, so if you do have a problem one of our technicians can connect to your machine and assist with fault diagnosis, saving time and money!



Retrofitting an old press brake costs only a fraction of the price of a new press brake. You do not need to buy new tooling and you do not need to fit a new press brake into your already workable manufacturing process. Control Works can make your old, broken press brake into a productive and reliable machine within less than a week.

We can replace control systems, add programmable logic controller, replace old servo drive systems, add light curtains or install a complete new back gage system. Whatever your requirements are, we have the experience and unrivalled ability to get the job done. We have 30 years of experience with CNC press brakes. Trust us to replace your old outdated control system with modern technology. New control systems make a huge difference to the overall reliability and efficiency of an existing machine.

Complete and partial retrofits are available:

Our complete retrofit package includes:

  1. New Cybelec control system.
  2. Complete new electrical panel with safety PLC.
  3. New servo drives and motors.
  4. 3.5” touch screen to display diagnostics information and provide mode switching.


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