The VisiTouch 19 is a 2D graphical numerical control for CNC press brakes. It aims at making the operator’s work easier, even for demanding programming and setting-up tasks.  Programming numerical or with the 2D graphical profile and setting up the bending of a part on the large 19″ becomes really quick, easy and efficient.

With its capacity to manage sophisticated features such as complex bending aids, or slave axes, combined with a wide range of parameters allowing a complete use of the press brake performances and setup wizards, the VisiTouch 19 will give a press brake the decisive competitive edge.

• 19” modern streamlined glass surface touch screen that can be used with gloves.

• User friendly touch interface.

• 2D graphical profile drawing (Touch Profile) and precise 2D program creation.

• Automatic bending sequence calculation.

• Running under Windows 7 for multitasking and networking.

• Internal backup and restore functions.